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Steamed! is turning 1!

To celebrate our birthday and to let you all know how much we appreciate you making us a success, the Lolitas of Steamed! thought we’d do something special for the month of April.

We call it “Steampunkapalooza.”

Hold on to your fishnets! For the entire month of April we will be bringing you special guests, prizes, contests, and more. We have some stellar things lined up for you this month, including some stuff I can’t announce yet.

We’re kicking the whole she-bang off April 1st with author Gail Carriger who will not only be answering all our pesky questions but will be giving away a copy of her new book Changless which releases tomorrow, March 30, 2010.

Tune in all of April for prizes, special guests, and more!

A special thanks to the fab Marsha, who designed my birthday graphic, who made our stellar flier.

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The  crazy peeps over at The National Short Story of Romance Month have declared today “National Steampunk Appreciation Day.”


Well, um, it’s my birthday, and they’re cool like that.

So — let that steampunker in your life know that you appreciate them (brass flowers maybe?) Go buy that pair of boots you’ve been eying. Listen to Abney Park. Wear full Steampunk regalia while picking your kids up from school (or grocery shopping) — or whatever floats your boat. (Please send pics if you dress up, lol.)

Oh, I do have to share what the fab Marsha made for my birthday, because it’s just so gosh darn beautiful

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I’m sorry I didn’t post this over the weekend. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our fabulous Steampunk book discussion.

The winner of the tiara is…

…drumroll please

*~*~*~ANTONIO RICH~*~*~*

Antonio, please contact me at suzannelazear (@) hotmail to get your tiara.

I also have more exciting news. April is the one-year anniversary of he Steamed! blog.  One year–can you believe it?  As a thank you to all of you who’ve made this blog a success we’re going to have a month-long birthday party with special guests, prizes, and other fun stuff.

Let me give you a sneak peak of some of the special things we’re doing for Steampunkapalooza!

On April 1st we’re going to kick it off with the fabulous Gail Carriger, author of Soulless and Changless who’s going to stop by and give away a copy of Changeless.

The Fabulous Shelley Adina is going to share with us her adventuress in dressmaking on April 3rd.  The Stellar Jana Oliver will be dropping by on April 8th.

On April 15th Leanna Hieber, author of The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker will come talk to us about her newest book  The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker.

Hold on to your fishnets! The Smutketeers will be invading the Steamed! blog to tell us about their new Wasteland series.  Man are the Covers hot!

Emilie Bush author of the feminist Steampunk novel Chenda and the Airship Brofman will visit us April 27th.

Stay tuned. We have many more fabulous things and guests planned and we hope you join us for our Steampunkapalooza,

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We’ve reached 25,000 hits!

This week the Steamed! blog has reached 25,000 hits! Thank you so much to all of you who’ve helped made our blog a huge success.

Our 1st Birthday is coming up in April and we’re going to be having a huge month-long party! Stay-tuned for a sneak-preview of the guests and surprises we have in store.

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  I won a fantastic corset from the fabulous Dracula Clothing for a blog post I did a while back! It arrived the other day and let me say they were so quick at getting it shipped(from overseas) no less! It arrived nicely packaged inside a heavy zipper pouch and in perfect condition! I have nothing, but good things to say about Dracula Clothing and it’s owner, he is a delight as well! I highly recommend them for all your corset needs! They have a wide variety for the neo-victorian, goth or steampunker and they have some other lovely clothing as well! My corset isn’t laced as tight as it should in the picture I took, but since I was lacing it up myself I hope you will forgive me! So to sum it all up Dracula Clothing=awesome and I am so happy with my new corset! It feels amazing on too!  ~Elizabeth

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Library Journal put together a list of their top twenty Steampunk books. The great thing about the list is that it’s divided into two parts — “old” and “new.” The “old” list included H.G. Wells and Tim Powers and the “new” list includes Gail Carriger, Cherrie Priest, and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

Obviously, on such a short list, not everyone would be included. Who do you think this list is missing–on either list–and why?

It’s been awhile since I’ve held a giveaway. So, one lucky poster will win a tiara, to be announced Saturday.

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Our own Lolita Leanna’s The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker has made the Sci-Fi Romance/Paranormal category of the the DABWAHA Smackdown! It’s a contest for the greatest book of 2009 with 64 books total in 8 categories and everyone votes in various rounds until only one winner remains. Voters have the chance to win many great prizes including an iPad. Another Steampunk fave of 2009, Soulless is up in the Urban Fantasy category. There are a lot of great books fighting for the title and I with everyone, especially Lolita Leanna, all the best.

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 If you live in Seattle or nearby the fantastic Abney Park will be performing at the Circus at the End of the World a fabulous steampunk event! I have it on good authority from Captain Robert(lead singer of Abney Park) these tickets are going fast, so GET YOURS! Last year they had to turn away a 100+ people at the door! So order your tickets, then grab your goggles and start up your flying machine and make sure you get there! I have seen Abney Park live and they are AMAZING! They put on such a great show, trust me you don’t want to miss it! Sadly I won’t be able to attend this year 😦 If you make it let me know how it went! ~Elizabeth

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 I first stumbled upon artist Aimee Stewart’s work while at Steamcon in October. I was instantly captivated by her works vibrant colors and fantasy feel that makes you keep looking. In person they are absolutely stunning! So full of color and life and so shinny! If I could afford it I would have every last one of her pieces! You can find out more about her and her work on her website. You will spend ample time there immersed in a mind-blowing vibrant fantasy land! She has also done an amazing photo featuring Captain Robert for those of you who are Abney Park fans! Not all of her work is steampunk, but it is all very whimsical in nature and simply stunning! I hope you enjoy her art as much I do! ~Elizabeth

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***Spoiler Alert***

Okay, so it’s not Steampunk, but Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has generated quite the buzz, not to mention the Disney Chanel is pimping the movie hard. Because there’s such a comprehensive add campaign (at least where I live), the tot really wanted to see it. Despite all the coverage on the Disney Channel and checking out parent-targeted review sites, I still had my reservations about the movie–after all, it was directed by Tim Burton (caveat, I love Tim Burton movies, but the tot *is* only five).

So, I took the tot to see it on Friday after school (non-3D, at her request), fully prepared to leave the theater if it was too scary (I also warned her ahead of time that there would be scary monsters)…

I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was so much more family-friendly then I ever expected. But I was also very entertained by the movie as was the tot (no potty breaks, when you have a five year old, this equates to a five-star rating). She did hang on to me through a few scenes, but nothing out of the ordinary. I think she got annoyed that I kept asking if she was okay.

This version is more of a sequel than a retelling. Here Alice is nineteen and thinks what happened before was all a dream. She goes to a party with her mother only to find out it’s really her engagement party and everyone pressures (and expects) her to just accept the marriage proposal and be happy. She starts seeing a rabbit in a waistcoat and when the proposal happens, she’s just not sure she can go through with it, runs out of the garden, follows the rabbit, and falls down the rabbit hole and the real adventure begins…

As advertised, Alice is a feast of sights and colors. The mundane world is shown in pallid tones, while Wonderland is lush, vibrant, and a bit wild. Color is used to set characters apart–like the Red Queen versus the White Queen. The costumes are amazing–especially Alice’s. My favorite was the one she wore as “Um” in the Red Queen’s palace. But the Mad Hatter’s hat was also something. The acting was amazing, especially the Red Queen and Alice, but the Mad Hatter had some funny bits, too.

They really did a good job of making this movie adventurous, magical, and fresh, as well as enjoyable, but still appropriate for kids. Quite a bit of the movie is computer generated which adds to the fantastical feel of the story–it also takes the edge off the scary scenes and creatures. Even the scene with Alice and the Jabberwocky feels a bit like the scene in Sleeping Beauty where Prince Phillip slays Maleficent. But it’s not a bad thing at all–especially when bringing young children. There is a scary scene where the Red Queen tries to behead the mad Hatter, but it ends happily thanks to the Cheshire cat.

I also thought the story itself was superb. Someone did their research and made it feel as if it were simply the next Alice book. There were plenty of tie-ins to the original story, including reappearances by all the usual suspects. My favorite references include a comment at the garden party about the gardeners planting the wrong roses, the ever present “why is a raven like a writing desk” riddle (for which, i believe, there is no actual answer), and the Mad Hatter reciting the Jabberwocky poem with a Scottish brogue.

An added bonus (especially from the mom perspective) was the theme about finding your own place in the world and making your own path–even if other people are trying to steer you differently. At one point in time the Mad Hatter tells Alice that she “used to be much muchier. You have lost your muchness.” Alice does indeed try to find her “muchness” in the movie. In Wonderland everyone expects her to be the White Queen’s champion and at one point in time Alice says that she’s sick of being told what to do and from now on will make her own path. Even her constant size-changing could serve as a metaphor for Alice trying to figure out where she fits. In the end, she returns to the garden party, the would-be suitor waiting, and taking what she learned about herself in Wonderland, refuses to accept the path laid out for her and goes on to forge her own.

If you’re looking for a trippy adult movie, you might be disappointed, but if you’re looking for some visually-stunning family fare, you’ve come to the right place. Just use your own judgment with very young children since some things can be a little scary at times.

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I was recently shown this fantastic music video by the Raveonette’s for their song “Heart of stone.” I think the imagery is stunningly beautiful and quite thought provoking! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ~Elizabeth

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Recently, I was involved in a project called National Short Story of Romance Month which entailed writing paranormal love stories.

One of the fab people involved, Kylie, drew “chibis” of us for the website. We had ninjas and tigers and guys with green elephants on their shirts.

I was drawn as “steampunk girl.”

She did such an amazing job. I’m totally digging the goggles and corset, so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Have a super week everyone.

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