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Happy Halloween!

I was pleasantly surprised to see steampunk costumes at the tot’s school, including a gentleman air pirate, steampunk Jane from Tarzan, and a cadre of identically dressed steampunk lolitas in fishnets and mini top hats.

Anyone going steampunk for Halloween?

I would like to announce Steamed’s First Annual Steampunk Costume Contest!

1). email your low-res steampunk costume pics to steamedblog (@) hotmail with “Steamed Costume Contest” in the header. It does not have to be from Halloween, it can be from Steamcon or the Dickens Ball or what have you. Appropriate pictures please! This is not an over-18 site. Please include what name you’d like listed on the site and an email addy so if you win I can contact you. We have the right to not put up your photo if we feel it’s not suitable for general viewing or it’s not steampunk (we’re not going all purist, but this is not a general costume contest, feel free to explain in the email if you feel you need to).

2) There will be three categories a) Best Costume b) most unique and c) steampunk kids.

3) Group pics are welcome as long as a majority are in steampunk dress. You only get one prize (sorry). Please make sure you have permission to post it (that goes for all pictures, we have the right to take them down if they’re not yours to put up or others in the photo object).

4) Pics must be received by Friday, November 6th at 9 PM EST. Feel free to spread the word about the contest. Winners will be announced sometime on or around November 7th. The winner in each category receives a steampunk tiara or an aviator scarf (if I can find them, I recently moved). I reserve the right to substitute prizes.

5) Have fun, be creative, and most of all, have a safe Halloween!!!

On another note, Third Rail Projects in New York is having an amazing steampunk haunted house. It looks amazing!

Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

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Baron Joseph and I

fashion1Hello everyone! I am excited to be here guest blogging at Steamed! They asked me here because I had the amazing opportunity of attending Steamcon 2009 in Seattle, WA. What could be better than a whole weekend devoted to all things steampunk? It was FABULOUS!! Every aspect of it was so much fun! If you wish to read my overview of the whole event you can read all about the insanity at my blog.  Today however I am just going to talk about the amazingly awesome tea and couture event. The feature of the tea and couture event was the steampunk fashion show and it was inspiring! I almost didn’t get to attend since procrastination is my middle name and I didn’t buy tickets before they sold out. However I met a very nice gentleman, the Lord Baron Joseph  C.R. Vourtequ who kindly offered me his extra ticket. We were seated with a wide variety of fascinating and lovely people including an Emperor, seriously how can you not love that? Before tea was served an etiquette lesson was given and I realized how very unsophisticated I am….oh well! I most definitely would have been shunned from polite Victorian society. fashion3 Then tea was served and the fashion show began! There was a wide range from sophisticated to sexy and everything in between for every age and both the male and female steampunk enthusiast! I have included a smattering of pictures, but if you follow this link….there are many more!! I had my camera glued to my eye the whole time!! There was even an adorable little steampunk child and you could hear the collective “awwww” sweep the room as he charmed his way down the runway. fashion5There were several different designers and it was fascinating to see their individual and distinctive take on the trend, each unique and FABULOUS!! I gravitated towards loving the darker, sexier take on steampunk and there were several lovely specimens! The tea and food provided was delectable and beautifully presented, all in all it was well worth attending and I can only foresee it being bigger and better next year! I am going to shamelessly plug Steamcon now and say if you get the chance next year…GO!! It is so worth it, you meet amazing people and have a ton of fun!! Thanks for letting me ramble! ~Elizabeth Darvill

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Steampunk Takes #3

It’s here, it’s here! Steampunk Tales #3, the third installement in the awesome iphone reader application, is out.

steampunk tales 3


I blogged about the application at Steamed! a little while ago.

I have to say that I am a bit behind and yes, haven’t had a chance to download #2 yet, deadlines will do that do you. But I do love this little application. Short stories on the go and one of the best readers I have found (and I have tried most of them!)

It’s just so cool.

No iPhone, no worries, just download the whole thing at the Steampunk Tale website!

10 short stories for 1.99 you can’t go wrong!

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