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Okay, before I bring you this week’s  post I have the winner of the Gear Ring from Kinekt. And the winner is…

~drum roll please~

*~*~*gabby sullivan*~*~*

Gabby, please email me at suzannelazear (@) hotmail and I’ll tell you how to claim your prize. Congrats!

You just might be Steampunk when…

  1. You own a ballgown, a bustle, and a raygun…and wear them together
  2. You replace your computer keyboard keys with those from an antique typewriter
  3. You have “day wear” and “evening wear” brass goggles
  4. You brass-leafed your cellphone and glued gears on it
  5. Your child points out things she thinks are “steampunk”
  6. Your next major clothing purchase involves boots, a corset, or a bustle-gown
  7. You’re helping your child build a time-machine for a school project
  8. You own multiple top hats
  9. You buy broken pocket watches for the gears
  10. You read Jules Verne to your children as bedtime stories
  11. You try your hand at corset making
  12. You own jewelry made of clockhands and/or gears
  13. Seeing a blimp is an exciting experience
  14. You can’t wait to see  The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec even though it’s in french
  15. You feel you’ve missed your calling as an Air Pirate
  16. You have a made science lab set up in your basement
  17. You covet Alexia Tarabotti’s parasol
  18. You have the urge to restore an old Victorian home or redecorate your house in Victorian furnishings
  19. You’ve made your own ray gun and can explain how it works (in theory)
  20. Your other car is an airship

What are your suggestions?

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