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By Marie-Claude Bourque

So with all the good news of publication around, I remain the one blogging Lolita unpublished in Steampunk (but so so thrilled for Liz, Theresa and Suzi- can’t contain my anticipation for these releases!)

Yes I got my first gothic paranormal book out with hopes to continue the series but for this steampunk novel, I’m back to square one, in completely uncharted territories.

And if you think being published elsewhere helps you sell, I’ll tell you this. It may help get you read faster but in the end it comes down to the same think as everybody else who is unpublished. Does the editor like your book? Does she love it enough that she wants to read it many times and think about it a lot and want to read more books by you. Does she think she can sell this to the public?

So here I am, back to square one and guess what? I love it!

Somehow not having this pressure of performing, not thinking of reviews and sales, is totally liberating!

I’m having a ball!!! Because I’m trying to build a carreer, my steampunk contains elements from my gothic paranormal series: mysticism, sex, action and strong characters. But they are having an adventure and I’m currently in this mode where I’m throwing in everything but the kitchen sink! Airship, mad scientist, Victorian lady, oriental courtesan, inventors and cryptozologist, desert travel, steam train, a grand society ball and a sinking island, home to a coven of witches.

Just plain old fun. Once I decided that this was my “hobby” book, I started to free myself and the writing flowed. (see the plotted scene list pictured here)

I have a plan though, I am an organized hobbyist! I write a minimum of 500 words every morning. As a mom with kids at home, I need to wake up an hour before everyone to do so.

My goal is to finish it this summer and pitch it at the Emerald City Writers Conference in Seattle early Oct. (we all need a goal right!) so far so good, I’m more than one third in and the book is entirely plotted. I could write the proposal in a couple of day!

Wish me luck!

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by Marie-Claude Bourque

I was wondering the other day why it’s taking me so much time to write this book! I am quite busy with the promotion of my first release right now but it’s no excuse. I usually love to get lost in my favorite fantasy world.

Then it hit me. I’m scared! I am looking around at other Steampunk novel, looking at the possible readership and I am petrified! Will I meet expectation? What if it is too sexy, or angsty, what if I get Steampunk wrong. What if my own vision of it doesn’t mesh with everyone else’s!

I know how to build a story, I do think my plot is pretty solid but the rest! And then at the back of my mind, since I sold already, I’m thinking, will this sell?

So I am swallowed by the fear that my steampunk won’t please readers and that anyway it won’t sell! talk about paralizing! I’m writing to please others not myself. Big mistake!

Writing a first novel is great, you just go at it and write whatever is in your head! Who cares, at that point you don’t think anyone will ever read it anyway. But the others, your expectations are so high that you forget to have fun! You forget to just go for it and write the crazy things you dream up no matter what!

Time to shift gears and convince myself that this is my fun project. Who cares if it doesn’t sell (although I do want it as perfect as I can make it at this point in my writing career). I just want to spend a few hours a day roaming the alternative earth I created with my intense mystic witch and her crew of misfits and see her save the world! How cool is that!

She’s not scared, so why should I?

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