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By Lolita Marie-Claude

Hi there Lolitas and Rebels,

I am sorry if I have been away for so long. I am in the final stage of my Masters at UW and when I am not doing school work, I spend my extra time working on my steampunk manuscript. So I had to step back a little from the social media and blogging.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d share a nice visual writing prompt for today. Here are two lovelies that I would just die to put in my own steampunk world.

Since my stories are not of the steamy kind, I would not see any of them as the heroine. However, in my series, they would be called Odessa and Delphine and I think they would be aeronautic acrobats performing impossible aerial ballets, which would be both extremely dangerous and highly sensual, for the Cirque Acrobatique de La Penombre, a very secluded private club performing in the depth of the Paris Underground of the Belle Époque.

I am not sure how my hero would feels toward them, since Odessa and Delphine are not free women. They are in fact owned by Mr. Dupont, the circus manager who forces them to defy gravity over and over while performing in ways that pushes the boundaries of properties. Is my hero enticed by their young flesh so easily used and displayed to all, or does his noble sense make him want to take them away and shield them from the crowd ogling them?

I wonder…

Now let me know, how would you write those two beauties in your own steampunk fiction?

M-C xoxox


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