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Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can get expensive, fast…

Here are a few steampunky gift ideas to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit that won’t break the bank.

What’s Valentine’s Day without a nice card?

Art Resurrected has a tutorial on how to make a beautiful Steampunk Valentine Card (with lots of bling.)

Or you can channel your inner victorian and make one with whatever you have — ribbon, lace, photos from magazines, and add some Victorian sentiments. Here’s an article to get you started. 

If you’re not into making one yourself, may I recommend this one by Brian Kesinger sold by my favorite steampunk shop Clockwork Couture?




Pretty, right?

Some of the best gifts are handmade.

What about this pretty steampunk necklace made of polymer clay? The steampunk heart tutorial is by Aliceazzo on Deviantart.

steampunk clay heart tutorial


Or if you’re not a maker, what about this anatomical heart necklace?



For the gents, or someone who just doesn’t like jewelry, you could use this youtube tutorial to make this great steampunk airship.

Or, I happen to like this tophat coffee mug. Perhaps as part of breakfast in bed?



What about trying your hand at making Steampunk Valentine’s Day cookies?

I liked these from By Amber’s Hands where she has complete instructions. 



What about some absinthe and champagne cupcakes?

This recipe from In Johanna’s Kitchen is even gluten and dairy free!



This is just a smattering of ideas to get you started. The sky’s the limit!

What are your favorite Steampunk-y Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break the bank?

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Trisha Wolfe is the author of the YA Steampunk/Paranormal Romance DESTINY’S FIRE. Her published short stories have appeared in YA literary journals and Fantasy magazines. UNVEILED is her first novelette and part of a Dystopian series releasing TBA. She’s written four books in the past two years, and is currently working on the sequel to DF and a new Sci-fi project. She’s represented by Lauren Hammond of ADA Management.

Steamy Valentine Gifts for your Sweetheart

 by Trisha Wolfe

With Valentine’s Day so close, I thought it’d be fun to showcase some steamy Valentine gifts for lovers of Steampunk…or Steampunk lovers. Wow, there’re so many ways to make a play on words with Steampunk and Valentine’s Day I feel a little cheesy. But hey, gotta have fun, right? Anyway, I wish my pockets were deeper this year because there’re some awesome Steampunk Valentine gifts out there. I could easily get lost shopping for them…and go broke. I do mean shopping for others, of course 😉

For him: Steampunk Cufflinks. These are so cool! You can find them on Etsy here, and for around fifty dollars your man could be styling them for you this Valentine’s Day.

For your lover: Original artwork by Brian Kesinger in this Valentine’s card that reads: “Together we have built a great relationship”. You can order it at Clockwork Couture.

For him:   Tender Time Bomb Tie found at Etsy. Your guy will look dashing in this micro-fiber silk tie that you can you can have customized for him.

 For anyone: Make your own awesome Valentine’s Day cards! Buy the cardstocks and follow the directions at Inkadinkado to make these beautiful designs, or create an original one of your own.

 For her: Gothic Lolita Steampunk corset with red satin and lace and bodice with red lacing, listed at Etsy. Do I really have to sell this? I think this one might need to be listed as “for him” 😉

 For her: Steampunk Valentine Heart Ring, Key to My Heart. This ring is solid brass, romantic, and I think it’s the perfect Valentine gift. *swoons* You can find it at Etsy.


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