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I was thinking about what a Steampunk Thanksgiving would look like. So I came up with the following menu. This is not what we’re having for Thanksgiving (I’ll be at my sister in law’s) but it sounds interesting, don’t you think? Think dinner by candlelight, great music, fun placemats, clock-part napkin rings…Could you imagine a steampunk cornucopia as the centerpiece? Anything you would add?

Ammonites in a Blanket
Baby squid with tentacles in a cream butter-lemon sauce (can substitute fillet of sea snake or braised brisket of blowfish)
Turkey a la Death Ray
Steamed fiddle-head fern tips
Coconut-marshmallow spiced sweet potatoes
Cranberry-Cardamom Chutney
Lemon Syllabub (served in beakers)
Miniature pumpkin pies (decorated with fondant cogs)
Trilobite Cookies
The Von Slatt (both versions, served in test tubes, dry ice optional)

So what will you have for Thanksgiving dinner?

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