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It’s Memorial Day here, the official start of summer…of lazy days by the beach, summer vacation, and outdoor mayhem. I started to think about what a Steampunk Summer might look like…

You might start out with a pair of Steampunk shades to protect your eyes from the harsh summer sun, like these cuties designed by Steam-Heart.

When you hit the beach you could wear a Brass Bikini. Though it might not be the most comfortable of beachwear.

You could go for long rides on a slim and speedy Steampunk Motorcycle like this one by Choi Minsoo.

Making some Duct Tape Flip Flops and decorating them with cogs, gears, and other things would be fun.

You could take advantage of the weather and wear a cute Steampunky sundress like this one from Clockwork Couture. (Check out all their new stuff, it is fab.)

Or it might be nice to spend lazy days at the beach playing one of Stone Laboratory’s beautiful acoustic guitars.

What would you do?

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