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The holidays are coming, and that means holiday parties. The center of most holiday parties tends to be the beverages.  We know there’s a few Steampunk cocktails out there, but only a few.  Here at Steamed! We decided to invent two of our own Steampunk cocktails for your holiday enjoyment… 

This brightly colored beverage is great hot or cold at your favorite club, at a party, or hanging out at home with friends.  Other sodas (strawberry, grape, ect) and be used if you’d like to match your drink to your outfit…


The Hot Lolita

2 parts Orange Crush (or other colored fruity soda)

1part Vodka

 Hot–heat vodka, pourinto a class, add soda, serve with an orange slice
Cold–Pur vodka and soda in a glass, add dry ice for that steamy effect

What could be more genteel than a hot drink on a cool night?  This next one is perfect for regaling your friends with your latest exploits and adventures in front of a nice warm fire…


The Gentleman Airpriate

2 oz Vodka


1 oz Kahlua


Gently heat vodka and Kahlua.  Pour into a brandy snifter and add milk to taste (about 1/2 oz is usually good).  Garnish with a sprinkling of nutmeg or chili pepper depending on how adventurous you’re feeling.   

Of course, what ever your beverage may be, please enjoy your holiday responsibly.

Do you have a favorite holiday cocktail, Steampunk or otherwise? Tell us for a chance to win a sparkly tiara for all your holiday parties!


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