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Thanks for all your great suggestions on my previous post.  So, I decided that the first accessory I’d make for my Steampunk Princess costume would be a raygun.

I started with a little mini Nerf gun.  It’s about 6 inches long and was about $3.  I’ve never done anything like this before.  I also spent more money on paint then on the gun itself.

Since, it is a formal raygun, and orange clashes with my ballgown, the first thing I did was paint the whole thing with gold acrylic paint and take off the black hook. I obsessed a lot over  painting it.  I think I may have over-painted parts of it trying to make it perfect.

I painted it with another coat, mostly trying to cover the raised writing, which didn’t work very well.  Also, I probably should have waited until the first coat dried completely, but I got impatient.  Next, I added accents with metallic golden-brown paint.  I also painted the foam bullets which didn’t turn out to be that good of an idea, especially since by painting it, the gun became unusable anyway.

After that, I added a couple of coats of clear varnish to keep the paint from chipping.

Since it is a formal rayrun, I decided it needed a little something extra.  After all, a lady’s raygun says a lot about her.  Since my clockhand tiara has pearls on it, I decided to buy some self-adhesive pearls.  I added another coat of varnish to help keep the pearls on.

So, there it is, a raygun fit for a princess.  Now, I just need to figure out how to affix it to my wrist.

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There’s still room in the Online Steampunk Writing Class I’m teaching the month of November. All levels and genres are welcome. If you’re working on a Steampunk WIP for NaNoWriMo consider joining us–at least to have support and info at your fingertips. If your working on a Steampunk WIP (or have an idea for one) and not doing NaNo, consider joining us as well.

Today I need your help, if you please. I have a Steampunk Princess costume and I need to make it more, well, Steampunk.

I’m not sure if I want to do anything to the dress itself. I’m not a very clever seamstress. My friends helped me re-purpose an old prom dress and a formal skirt to make this, along with about 20 yards of ruffles.

But I need to add something besides the clockhand tiara. Otherwise I look like an ordinary princess. That, my friends, would never do!

That is why I need your help.

What sort of gadgets would a Steampunk Princess have? Clockhand throwing knife hairpins? A delicate wrist-mounted ray gun painted gold with little rhinestones? Throwing star tiara?

What would a Steampunk Princess wear? Do I sew gears on my gloves? Add something to the gown?

I need some suggestions for some easy DIY ideas.

Just a note, I sew things with glue guns so I’m looking for ideas that I can make cheaply and easily (and I mean easily, I’m craft-impaired–remember the ball gown fiasco.)

But the hubby does have a welder and metal cutting stuff….

So, who has an idea for me?

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Spread a little holiday cheer Steampunk style with our handy-dandy gift guide. 

For your favorite Air Pirate:
A leather vest from Skin Graft Designs can go from dashing to dastardly in an instant.

For the Aviatrix who defies social conventions:
The Sky Captain ensemble from Clockwork Couture will tell everyone that you’re the one in charge.

For the Lovely Lolitas:
A mini top hat from Hilary’s Vanity is perfect for any occasion.

For the Stylish Lady:
 A traveling suit from the amazing folks over at Clockwork Couture can take you from shopping in London to a party in Paris .

For the Mad Scientist:
Get a closer look with this amazing brass monocle from Brazen Device.

For the Steampunk Princess:
This Clock hand hair comb from EPJ Creations will make you the belle of the ball (she also makes them in gold.)

For your favorite Gentleman Tinker:
The Solar Turbine Watch from Clockwork Couture keeps time in style.

Oh, and for me (LOL):

I really want these darling boots from Clockwork Couture.

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