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A few years ago, at the beginning of another NANOWRIMO insanity laced journey, I took a look in a Steampunk Thread on one of the message boards.

“What is Steampunk?” Someone asked.

“A story set in a time period when they used Steam Power.” Was an answer.

“OMG,” replied someone else, “so you can’t use electricity?!”

I think I still have a scar on my forehead from the impromptu head-meet-desk reaction.

So today, I thought  I’d share a couple of fun FYI videos I found online.

Are there better videos out there? Sure… but I thought these two served a purpose.

1. How Steam creates Electricity in Four Steps

2. A Steam Turbine video produced in England in the 1940s. Simple, Easy, & Quick.

Hope you’ll enjoy viewing these short videos…

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