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Shelly Brooks, the artist behind Mystic Pieces, is a true mechanical tinker as she assembles her artful pieces with time travel and beauty, whimsical and sweet, yet as hard core Steampunk as one can be in current society.  Shelly began her art at an early age, fostering her creativity by majoring in Art History in college. An opportunity to work at The Laguna Art Museum in California, kept her in touch with the art community. She had a passion for creating jewelry and over the last 12 years has continually enjoyed her hobby by turning it into a way of life. 

Her creations are wildly inventive, adding the subtle with something raw and basic like the inner-working of timepieces. She takes the usual and turns it into the unusual. Inspired by the Victorian Era and the Industrial Age, Mystic Pieces finds a perfect juxtaposition of old and new, taking apart watches and repurposing gears for fashion sake. A mixture of destruction with the soft romance of filigree and sparrows adorns her art. “Sometimes I just stare at one of my pieces, until it hits me on how to transform it into a treasured work of art.” And art it is, a wearable piece of delight that is displayed in full view. It’s the hidden things that bring the love of Steampunk to everyday life, which keeps one bound in the passion of the genre while still living in a conventional world. 

Besides finding her work at 6 retail stores in Phoenix, Az, www.mysticpieces.net, Mystic Pieces has two upcoming shows in Arizona; the Tempe Festival of the Arts, Tempe, AZ  Dec 3-5 and the Wild Wild West Steampunk Con, Tucson, AZ Mar 4-6 2011

“Life expands or contracts in direct proportion to one’s courage.” ~Anaïs Nin 

Shelly Brooks
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