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Did you know Steamed has a facebook group? 

If Steamed has helped you at all with writing your Steampunk novel (or any novel) could you please nominate us for “Write to Done’s” top 10 blogs for writers? 

So, I won NaNoWriMo with my whopping 51,109 words I wrote on Aether Chronicles #2.

Of course, I’m nowhere near finished.  I’m probably about the halfway mark, plus there’s all that editing and revising and stuff to do.


I did get  32,703 written on the “project that hijacked NaNo” but that’s not due soon.  I’ve given it a cookie and shoved it in the drawer to take a nap until *after* I finish my sequel.

Did I get a bajillion words written on the sequel over the weekend? 

Um, no.  I’ve been doing edits on the Eflpunk for my agent for the past few days, but those should be done shortly.

Then, it’s back to the sequel.

This time I’m bringing my raygun just in case those airpirates continue to misbehave. 

How are your projects going? 


Suzanne Lazear writes steampunk tales for teens.  Her debut novel, INNOCENT DARKNESS, book one of The Aether Chronicles, releases August 2012 from Flux. Visit her personal blog for more adventures.

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I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a nice one. 

How’s everyone’s NaNoWriMo projects coming?  Who hit 50k over the weekend? (or before) Tell us in the comment box so we can happy dance with you.

If you’re doing my NaNo Challenge I’ve got the next check-in up and winners listed

I’m going to be doing a scaled down version of the challenge in December, called NaNoFinMo.  Deets announced Thursday at SuzanneWrites

My progress…well…

Day 21 997
Day 22 1981 — hit 50k
Day 23 1000

and then I hit a stall. Yep, I have not written a word on my sequel since the 23rd.

Bad writer.  No cupcake.

I am having a lot of trouble and I think it’s all in my head.  I’ve heard so many writers complain that book 2 is the worst that I think I feel that I have to struggle with it, too.   Also, I am uncomfortable at how many brackets I’m using and bare spots I’m leaving in an attempt to keep up the momentum.  I also wrote a section, a big one, that I’m not sure works — the idea of ripping it out hurts, yet at the same time, if I rip it out it changes the story, so if I do rip it out after I continue on then I’d have even more to change.

Ah, the glamorous life of writers. 

However, I am not one to be idle, even with holiday madness. So, while working out that snag in my head…

Day 24-27 22,306 on a brand spanking new project I’m not telling you about.

But I will return to the sequel soon (or I’ll have an unhappy editor).

Oh, so any of you design WordPress templates?  I need to overhaul my website and was thinking of going WP. 

Have a great week and write on!


Suzanne Lazear writes steampunk tales for teens.  Her debut novel, INNOCENT DARKNESS, book one of The Aether Chronicles, releases August 2012 from Flux. Visit her personal blog for more adventures.

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My apologies for getting this up today instead of Monday.

My week was….well, it was okay. I had hoped to reach 50k by the 20th and didn’t. I’m just not getting the time and the words just aren’t coming as quick as I’ve reached the point in my sequel where I no longer know exactly what’s going to happen next in the story. 

I’m a puzzler, a strange combo of a pantser and plotter as I try to fit everything. Often I’ll know specific points I need to hit in a story but won’t know how I’m going to get there.  I have an outline but it’s bare bones and I’m unhappy with it. I have had a lot of surprises this week as I write including the appearance of automatons, an airship detour, and a visit to a museum. (I like it when my stories surprise me).   A lot of what I’ve been writing is skeleton and I know I’m going to have to go back and do research and change a lot of my cities and destinations and fix all those [insert proper name here] brackets I’ve been leaving myself so I don’t lose valuable writing time to look things up.   I’ve never written quite like this before and I’m not sure I like it, but I’m just not getting in the writing time, so every moment counts. 

Some of the big challenges I’ve had in the past week are that some POVs (I have three) are just more fun to write than others, so I may drag in one section because I’d rather write in another. (Sorry, I just can’t skip around and write the fun scenes first, I just don’t work like that.) Also, keeping the three timelines straight  is *hard*. I really hope they all meet up soon.

Wordcount for the week:

Day 14 762
Day 15 1774
Day 16 2419
Day 17 2577
Day 18 705
Day 19 1167
Day 20 1417

Week total: 47,192

So, how are you doing? What have been your challenges this week?


Suzanne Lazear writes steampunk tales for teens.  Her debut novel, INNOCENT DARKNESS, book one of The Aether Chronicles, releases August 2012 from Flux. Visit her personal blog for more adventures.

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It’s Day #14 of NaNoWriMo. As of last night, most should be around 22k to stay on track word count wise. Anyone hit 30k yet? 40k?

If you need some inspiration the Happily Ever After Blog over at USA Today is checking in weekly with romance writers doing NaNo.

Amazing news on the book front.  Innocent Darkness popped up for pre-order on Amazon. If you have a moment, could you please go tag it with “steampunk”? Pretty, pretty please with cupcakes on top? Also, if you want to read it on Kindle, make your you press the little button to tell my publisher that there’s interest.

I’ve also crossed over to the darkside and gotten a Facebook author page.  Like it for book news and such, if you wish. 

The NaNo Cheater Challenge is still going on my personal blog and it’s not too late to join in the fun.

So how is everyone doing on their goals? Here’s my wordcount so far as I chip away at book #2 in my Aether Chronicles series (sequel to Innocent Darkness).

Day 7     2467      
Day 8     1662      
Day 9     1195      
Day 10   2200      
Day 11   4750      
Day 12   1324      
Day 13   5152      
Grand Total so Far: 36305

Some days are good, some days aren’t. There were a few days I was just too tired to write at night, so I only had my lunch time counts. I just do what I can each day and try to make up for it on the weekends.

I’ve hit a huge road block in this WIP. I’ve written myself a character who would actually know and care how an airship works. Right now, she’s on an airship, which means *I* need to know how my airship works right down to the repairs she’s making on the engine. This has been quite the challenge for me (and I’ve spent a lot of time complaining about it on Twitter.) I just don’t know enough about airships — and yes, it’s steampunk, I can and will make things up, but at the same time, I like to know what the rules are so I can break them — and there is *so* much to learn I’m getting overwhelmed. I need to decide how much fantasy I will have in my world (versus something very realistic), and even then I want it to be somewhat plausible (maybe) — or at least fit within what I’ve built in book 1.

I’ve been using a lot of [insert proper name here] and the like, but at the same time, that only works for some details, the big things, like what the ship looks like, what runs the engines, where they’re located in the ship, the ship’s layout, what keeps the ship afloat–those things I need to know so I can actually write the story. When you don’t have much writing time, this research can slow you down. Because in this point of the story these things are so important I’ve had to look up a lot of things, and ask a lot of questions, and ponder a lot of things. So I’ve just had to suck it up and do what I can, though I know I’m going to have to do a lot of fact-checking and detail adding in re-writes. The reason why I’m having to take so much care in all this is because it’s in character with my MC. Noli likes to fix things, so her not knowing these things, asking about these things, or caring about these things, would be very much out of character for her, not to mention, some things are plot points. If she didn’t care about these things, I wouldn’t need to care about them so much either. (Why did I write myself an MC who likes to fix things, again?)

Thanks to everyone online so far who’s explained things to me, sent me links, etc. I’m still looking for more links and *really easy to understand* explanations. All of this is a little out of my comfort level, and I am getting overwhelmed and bogged down, which I can’t do, since this is NaNo. Must. Get. Wordcount.

Even with all my progress, I think December is going to be “Novel FInishing Month” and January is going to be “Novel Editing Month.” Anyone game?

So that’s where I am in my NaNo progress.

How are you doing? What have been your trails and triumphs this week?

Also, we have our winner of DARKER STILL by Leanna Hieber:

What The Cat Read

Please contact me to claim your prize. 

Until next week, write on!

Suzanne Lazear writes steampunk tales for teens.  Her debut novel, INNOCENT DARKNESS, book one of The Aether Chronicles, releases August 2012 from Flux. Visit her personal blog for more adventures.

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So, who’s doing NaNoWriMo?  How are you all doing?  Anyone hit 10k? 15k?  20k? 

Anyone haven’t started yet?  🙂

I’m running a “NaNo Cheater Challenge” on my personal blog.  It’s for those who what to harness the energy of NaNoWriMo, but can’t play by their rules.  All you need is a goal.  There are prizes, including pretty steampunky ones.  It’s not too late to sign up. 

If you’re writing Steampunk for NaNoWriMo go graffiti the forum over at Steampunk.com — it’s lonely. 

For National Novel Writing Month I am attempting to write book 2 in my Aether Chronicles Series.  Here’s my progress so far:

Day 1 925
Day 2 1504
Day 3 3430
Day 4 3438
Day 5 3894
Day 6 3654

Total words: 17555

Thus far I have killed someone off, broken hearts, made someone do something they didn’t want to, gotten someone drunk, and left someone stranded in a far off city.  I’ve had carousels, hoverboards, burnt cooking, and tree houses.   I’m in chapter 5.   This is a raw no-holds-bard rougher than rough draft.  Any and all of this could change.  Especially the opening two chapters.  Book 2 started off a little slow, since with my day job I don’t always have time beyond my meager lunch break to write, but I worked up quite the momentum, carried it through the weekend and now have a nice bank of words as a hedge against lean writing days.   Usually I reasearch as I go, but I don’t always have time for that, so I’ve been leaving myself notes unless it’s a quick Google, which has been hard for me.  fortunately, I haven’t had to create anything brand spanking new yet, but this week will take my characters someplace they didn’t go in book 1 , so we’ll see how long the notes and brackets hold up.

If you need some motivation, the Happily Ever After Blog checks in with some authors doing NaNoWriMo.

I’m going to continue to chip away at this book scene by scene and take the days as they come, high wordcounts and low.  That’s my plan for the week.  What’s yours?

Also, we have a winner for the Secret Scents locket giveaway…

Catherine D.


Congrats, contact me to claim your prize. 

Until next week, write on!

Suzanne Lazear writes steampunk tales for teens.  Her debut novel, INNOCENT DARKNESS, book one of The Aether Chronicles, releases August 2012 from Flux. Visit her personal blog for more adventures.

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Do you NaNo?

It’s November.  The air is cool and crisp, the christmas decorations are going up, and we know the holidays will soon be upon us.  Meanwhile, thousands of people are furiously holed up in cafes, libraries, and their bedrooms pounding away on their laptops and alphasmarts.


November is National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWiMo–or NaNo for short. This is where writers all over the world strive to write an entire novel in one month! (For NaNo they define a novel as 50,000 words). There’s also a Youth Writing Program for the under 18 set where they can set their own goals, and they have *free* curriculums and kits for classrooms. (Wow, my teachers never did NaNo with us, how fun would that be).

So, you go to the site, sign up, and commit to write 50k in 30 days.


Hardly. That’s 1667 words a day. About 6-7 pages in 12 pt. Times New Roman with 1 inch margins. It’s easier than you think–if you do it every day. There’s even ways to ‘cheat” an NaNo–like avoiding contractions at all costs.  But it’s all in good fun. (Really, you can do it, I wrote 67k in September just by doing writing sprints at night, i’m not a full time writer, i have a day job, a hubby, a tot, and lots and lots of laundry.)

If you reach 50k by November 30, you “win” (after being verified by their word counting ‘bots.) You win the prestige of being a NaNo “winner”, the satisfaction of knowing you can do it. The really great NaNo folks also have some cool goodies, you can read about them on the site.

I’m a little behind. I should be at 25k, since we’re 2 weeks in. I’m nearly at 13k (bad Suzi). I also started this past Thursday (very bad Suzi). Oh, did I mention I’m cheating (that’s it, no dessert for you). For NaNo you’re actually supposed to start a brand spanking new novel. I had one all picked out, I even started it (wrote about 3500). Then I realized I made a boo-boo and needed to finish something else.  So, I’m taking advantage of all the support and motivation out there to write the 43k I need to finish the book, (besides all the amazing resources on the NaNo site, two RWA chapters that I’m in are doing NaNo things, one’s even giving away a tiara…). Knowing me, it’ll probably be more like 50k, but Iwon’t claim to have “won” even if I reach 50k. But I can still pound away furiously after the tot is in bed, participate in online writing sprints, and commiserate with fellow authors.  If I write at least 2500 words, I can do it (so far, four days in, I’m writing around 3k a day.)

So, do you NaNo? What are you working on? How are you doing? Anyone doing Steampunk for NaNo?

It’s not too late. With 2 weeks left you’d have to write a little over 35oo words a day, but that, too, is possible, since you’re only doing it for two weeks.

Keep you the good work everyone — write on!

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