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The newest trend in jewellery and clay

I love reading and writing as much as the other members of this little group do. But what I am also passionate about is sculpting with polymer clay (think Fimo, Premo or Super Sculpey) and some of the things created with this clay are magical, breathtaking and downright sublime!

  There is a broad spectrum of artists that use this medium – from jewellery to fairies to home décor – but what I have noticed lately is that a certain theme seems to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment and that is Steampunk.



This is the first piece that came to my attention back near the end of 2008 when this very popular polymer clay artist presented this piece on Ebay. There was much discussion and research into steampunk as many people had never heard of it – bizarre, I know, where have these people been living!

  It wasn’t long after this ‘Steampunk Angel’ was released that other work appeared, like this latest one on Ebay by Joanna Waite of Enchanted Whimsies.



  Or this one from C D Lite Studios –


But the biggest influence I have seen is in Jewellery. The sheer imagination some of the jewellery artists have put into their work is amazing, just take a look at these samples taken from etsy.com


My favourite Steampunk jewellery artist on there has to be Catherinette Rings just because they are so different –


Another favourite is Dawn Schiller of Oddfae who did a little pocket watch sculpt that was simply enchanting (excuse me if I gush!) –

As you can see from this rather picture heavy post Steampunk has had a big influence on the jewellery and clay artists out there so now is the best time to get some weird and wonderful accessories or a little sculpture to get your friends talking!

  To end this blog I’ve been saving the best for last. Jessica Joslin has been making these pieces of bone and metal for a long time so is not new to Steampunk and I find her work surreal, freaky, beautiful and emotive.

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