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  With the holiday season in full swing there are countless opportunities to look your most smashing! So I have complied a selection of delectable options for a variety of different persuasions! Enjoy….and if anyone is looking for a last minute gift idea for me or if Santa is reading this….I would accept any of these!! 

For the lovely steampunk lady….. 

I have found a gown that is both demure and beautiful in every detail! This dress would make you the center of every party and leave the feminine occupants green with envy!






For the saucy steampunk minx……..

Here is the gown for you!! It is sexy and sophisticated while allowing you to reveal your beautiful skin!! Beware though wearing this dress you will turn heads….although that is what you were going for wasn’t it you saucy minx……..








For the daring steampunk darling that gravitates towards darker pursuits….

You will look seductive in this dress that wraps you in blood-red and black lace, a better combination you couldn’t find. It will go with you from each dark and delightful gathering you attend!







For the economically minded steampunk maiden..

This is the dress for the steampunk lady whose plunder is running a bit low! It is adorable and will turn heads and no one will ever guess that it came at a lovely, affordable price. So hold your head high and live it up!!

Enjoy your holidays!! ~Elizabeth

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