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Winners and Friday Fun!

Happy Friday!

I actually managed to find 3 more art deco tiaras! YAY!  They are so much cuter than anything else I’ve found (any past winners want to send me a pic of them wearing theirs?  Lynn?  Deb?)

So the winner of this month’s tiaras is…

…drumroll please…

*~*~*Gwynlyn MacKenzie*~*~*


I think steampunk and think Jules Verne…

Congrats!  Please email me at suzanne lazear (@) hotmail so I can get you your tiara. 

Someone gave be this great linky for an anagram generator.  Maybe I’ll start writing under the name Lauren Zazen.  Go ahead and come up with a few alter egos…


Have a great weekend everyone!

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I’d like to announce the winner of the aviator scarf…

drum-roll please

~*~Mary Ann Webber~*~

“WOW! All of you look fabulous and you seem to be enjoying yourselves!
Huge congrats to Colby and Leanna on their Prisms.
You make us stay-at-homes proud!”

Please email me at suzannelazear (@) hotmail so I can get you your prize!  Congrats!


I also have to “Friday Fun” — even though it’s actually Saturday. 


If you haven’t checked on the Steampunk online comic Girl Genius you should. It’s a serial tale of adventure, romance, mad science.

Another great online comic is Monster Commute which blends mechanical and Steampunk elements in a monster world.

Have a great weekend!

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And the winner of my very last tiara is…

drum-roll please


I’m so happy to discover this blog, because I’ve become a fan of Steampunk and just started plotting a YA and now I know how to describe it.

Congrats Deborah.  email me asap at suzanne lazear (@) hotmail (no spaces) so I can get you your tiara in time for nationals…congrats on your award and I’ll see you there.

It’s Friday–and a holiday weekend.  Happy Independence DayHave fun and be safe. 

Need something to do?  Check out the calendar section at Dieselpunkswhich has listings for steampunk and dieselpunk events all over America!  (What’s dieselpunk, you ask?  Dieselpunk comes after steampunk, roughly the 1920’s-1950’s when diesel was king, how cool is that?). 

Here’s a steampunk band called Abney Park which I had heard of but hadn’t actually checked out before now.  This is a video of their song “Airship Pirate” shot in their studio–which is exactly where a steampunk band should be rehearsing, the belly of the HMS Ophelia!  I really love how they blend different genres and the violin adds so much.  Check out their decor and costumes.  Enjoy!

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Recently I was having dinner with my niece who was visiting from out of state. We were having a nice conversation about steel-boned corsets and steampunk when she asked me if I’d heard of a singer named Emilie Autumn.

I hadn’t.

She told me to youtube her.

About a week later I needed some inspiration for my steampunk YA WIP, so I went on youtube and looked her up. Music is a huge inspiration for me (all those years of classical music lessons as a kid, lol), so why not seek out some steampunk music for a steampunk story?

All I can say is Wow.

Emilie Autumn calls her music “Victorindustrial.” Basically it’s industrial-type music mixed with harpsichord and violin sung by a women with pink hair and a corset. It’s steampunk meets Gothic-Lolita at it’s finest. The lyrics are soulful, the music haunting, her voice is amazing, and some of the titles are just hysterical (Like “Miss Lucy has some leaches.”) Truly I am astounded and fascinated by how incredibly cool she and her music are. It sounds like her stage shows are amazing, too bad she won’t be in the US for awhile.

I’ve become mildly obsessed with the song “Opheliac” (“Shallot” is my niece’s fave, and I like “Across the Sky” as well.)

Check this out. The actual song starts around 2:30.

Anyway, happy weekend and happy father’s day!

I’m cross posting this over at my personal blog . Come by and say hello.

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