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This weekend was the annual ball at the Riverside Dickens’ Festival.  As usual the hubby and I dressed up and had an amazing time. When I finally manage to get the pictures off the camera I will blog about it. 

However, right now I’m just too tried.

I’m to tired to come up with anything coherent.

So, when all else fails, fill the silence with cupcakes.

Many of you know I’ve been on a quest for Absinthe cupcakes, because when Innocent Darkness *finally* comes out, I want to have a big party, and what better to serve at a steampunk book release party than Absinthe cupcakes? 

But no one — not one person — has sent me recipes for Absinthe cupcakes.

So, I decided to Google it. 

As it turns out, there are recipes.  Now I just have to a) make them to see if I like them or b) find someone to make them for me.

Some of the recipes I found:

The Boozing Baker has cupcakes that not only have Absinth in them, but has two different types of Absinthe frosting.  However, the frosting is very, very green…

from "the Boozing Baker"

The Cupcake Project’s version also has Absinthe in it and an Absinthe glaze.   But it contains cornmeal…not sure what I think about that…

Coconut and Lime has a recipe with Absinthe in the batter and frosting (notice a theme here?) and garnishes them with sugar cubes, which is very cute, methinks. 

from coconut and lime

Sara’s Vegan Kitchen of Wonder and Discovery did a Vegan version.  Some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had have been Vegan.  I also liked how she blogged about her trials and tribulations.  I always find that helpful.

So…who’s going to make these and tell be what’s best? ~grin~

Maybe it can be a challenge on Cupcake Wars?  Can they have little fondant (or marzipan) gears on them? Please?

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