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Today we welcome the band Control.

Folklore and horror interface–laugh, but smile no more.

This did not happen

by Control

Why do we do steam punk?  We have to, because it gives us the power to fashion our own reality from fiction, future, and history.  Performances and productions fixate on the synthesis of artifacts and auguries, embellishing the dark side.   Essentially, this is what humans have always done.  That is how rockabilly informed psychobilly, and how folklore influenced sci-fi. In an age where it seems every deed has been done,  we look back at the past with a jealous eye, wishing there were just one original innovation left to be created.  We replay the past in a malicious light, editing to express our rage at the barren landscape of art and music today.  Steam punk is fan fiction for an age in which we should have lived.

Despite our obligation to antiquity, we don‘t play age-old instruments or wear ornate costumes in our band, Control.  Our lyrics cover topics from local news scandals and prevailing phobias to folklore and forensics.  All of these things can happen simultaneously and without explanation. Postmodernism offers us the tools to revise timelines and combine a diverse range of influences, and we’ve accepted the invitation to wield them artfully.

Our writing process is based on our urges and responses to art.  Images from fiction and film captivate and command our artistic impulses.  These moods spawn riffs, lyrics, and rhythms.  Then we elaborate. And suddenly we have crafted an epitaph for Magrathea or a threat against Abigail Williams.  Characters from our favorite works send us signals about their undisclosed desires and objectives, and we respond in song.  This constitution between fantasy, history, and sound is our only imperative.

Your iPod has both Strauss and Stooges.  Your bookcase shelves Dickens next to Douglas Adams. You can’t let go of things that should have happened.  Listen and we’ll go raking up old graves together…







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