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By Lolita Marie-Claude

Hello there Hussies and Gents,

Since we are all writers here, I thought I’d share with you today my absolute favorite link for writing fantasy.

Now I know some of you don’t have much fantasy elements in your steampunk novel, but everyone has to think about their world building in terms of geography, politics, various customs and such. Even those who writes accurate historical novel.

So this link I love is for the World Building Questionnaire from SFWA (the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America).

It is a really comprehensive series of questions that will help you build your world and/or check that you thought of every single detail. It has categories of questions such as the physical world, customs and politics, social and daily life and so on.

I used this with my own world building and it made me think really hard about a lot of different aspect of my novels.

I totally recommend checking it out if you write any sorts of speculative fiction.

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


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